Terms & Condition

-you will share your Zelle pay phone number so we could display it to people who will reward you
-you must provide top to date summary as well as pictures/screenshots of your grades, test, classwork.
-its up to the user to make sure the Zelle number is correct.
* it’s up to the person that is rewarding to make sure it is really their student they are supporting.
*we are not responsible for 3rd party links students publish
* Intellectual Property our logo will not be used without our consent.
* we will take down content that is copyrighted.
*check to see if rewards in your country are taxed .
*This student will receive your donation directly. all payments are final and cannot be refunded. make sure it is really the student you are supporting.

Privacy policy

We do not sell your information to anyone.The information users provide us is for the purpose of displaying to those the user wants to share with in order to get rewarded.